Boosting Reach With the Paid Media 1-2 Punch


By 2020, the amount of online content is estimated to grow by 500 percent. But as more and more information becomes available to the masses, the longer they’ll take to comb through it all. Paid media is a key component to getting your content into the public’s hands. To get the most bang for your buck, use the 1-2 combination of social ads and sponsored posts.

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The average Internet user already spends two hours just sorting through her newsfeed. If you haven’t formed partnerships with influencers, or integrated the PESO (paid, earn, shared and owned) model into your existing influencer marketing strategy, you’re missing major opportunities to stand out on social and beyond.

The first step requires getting influencers to think about and engage with your brand. Personalized outreach will increase the likelihood of an influencer choosing your brand over those competing for their attention. Here are two effective ways to drive brand awareness with influencers through paid media.

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Targeted Social Ads

The art of using social media for influencer marketing depends on whether you can target the right influencers on the right platforms at the right time with the right messaging. With a robust media database, first determine the influencers who will be the best fit for your brand and industry.

Next, look at their profiles to see if they have a preferred platform. If they’re on multiple platforms, look more closely at their engagement activity to determine what topics they talk most about and on which platforms.

Once you’ve decided who to target and where, take Ian Greenleigh’s “Social Media Side Door.” In short, showcase your brand’s expertise, promote your content and include a clear call to action in your social ad. Don’t forget to include customized tracking links to help measure the effectiveness of your ads on attracting new influencers.

Why social ads are so useful: You can test a variety of messages, art assets and demographic targeting models to determine which have the highest rate of return in clicks or website conversion. As time goes on, your targeting and ad quality will improve.

Sponsored Postsboxer-feet

If social ads are like a boxer’s jab, a sponsored post is a right hook. By publishing content on the sites your influencers already frequent, your brand’s name will stay top of mind. And the more an influencer associates your brand with a certain subject, the more likely they’ll recognize you as a thought leader when you make an ask to work together down the line.

Remember, the PESO model involves four major types of media: paid, earned, shared and owned. Content syndication is a great example of how owned and paid media can be brought together to drive exposure and traffic.

Look at your influencers’ interests and social history. Do any of your posts focus on topics your influencers are already talking about? If so, promote it as a sponsored post.

Why sponsored posts are so valuable: Guaranteed exposure gives your content a great starting point in building awareness. You can even leverage your new influencer relationships by sponsoring content on their sites and social channels.


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Redbook Welcomes Ashley Mateo

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Ashley Mateo has joined the Redbook staff as the new site director. She comes to Redbook from Shape, where she served as digital deputy editor since late 2014. Mateo was a freelance writer prior to joining Shape, and has served as staff writer for Refinery29, news editor for Seventeen Magazine, and as assistant entertainment editor for Self Magazine. Follow Redbook on Twitter and ‘Like’ on Facebook for essential women’s lifestyle content, style and beauty notions, health tips and more.

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Gondwana Casuarina Jacket

Gondwana Casuarina Jacket

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Sure, you may be aware of the individual components that Inbound marketing campaigns need. But putting those pieces together can be hard. It’s easy to go wrong, make mistakes, and end up with results that are wildly different from your goals.Campaign mistakes can dramatically hinder lead generation and ROI performance. So to help you avoid error in your strategy planning, here are the most common mistakes that Inbound campaigns encounter – and how to fix them.

Inbound Marketing Mistakes

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Baseball, Beers and Statistics: Cubs vs. Cardinals


Imagine if your brand’s followers wore face paint and bought jerseys to support you. Today, professional communicators are looking for ways to tap into new audiences and mobilize them in support of their own goals through content marketing. The secret to success is a lot like baseball — preparation, positioning and data.

Using enterprise social intelligence software, we tracked the fan personas of historic baseball rivalries — the first in our series is the Chicago Cubs against the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cubs and Cardinals have, in some cases, literally fought each other since 1892. The two teams have faced off more than 2,500 times in more than a century of play. So how do these legendary teams’ fan bases compare on Twitter?

What’s a persona?

A persona is an analysis of someone’s interests, buying habits, demographics and that of their closest family and friends. The goal is to understand not only who someone is, but also what motivates them to take action. If you can understand someone’s motivations, you can entice them to buy a product or support a cause.

Using social intelligence, we’ve analyzed the fan bases of both the Cubs and the Cardinals, and believe us, these fans are wild.

Here’s a taste:

Forget Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire for a minute and look at how many Twitter followers of both teams tweet about Chinese food. More than 24 percent of Cubs fans and Cardinals fans share social messages about General Tso’s Chicken and Chop Suey; meanwhile only 8 percent of Twitter users in general actually tweet about Chinese cuisine. Cubs fans are 300 percent more likely to share messages about Chinese food!


What can this tell you?

If you understand what someone is most likely to discuss or share, you can build content offerings that attract them. Likewise, knowing someone’s interests can help direct sponsorship or marketing efforts. With insights into a niche group like Cubs fans (who still love their team even though it hasn’t won a championship since 1908!), you can create content that connects and persuades more deeply than ever before.

Learn more about both of these fantastic teams in our infographic below:



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Even if you aren’t a Cubs or a Cardinals fan, paying attention to your audience and what they’re talking about on social media is important if you want your brand to stay in the game. Be ready to go to bat for your brand and start hitting it out of the park. Understand your audience today. Request a consultation with Cision Global Insights.

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Gondwana Kerang Jacket

Gondwana Kerang Jacket

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7 AdWords Extensions You Should Utilize to Improve PPC Conversion Rate

Google_AdWords_Guide_PPC-1.jpgEvery AdWords advertiser wants more relevant clicks on their ads. The more relevant the click, the higher the chance that a visitor will convert into a lead and possibly a customer! If you’re looking to improve your PPC conversion rates by increasing your qualified clicks, one way to do this is to attach Ad Extensions on your AdWords campaigns.

What Are AdWords Extensions

When doing a Google search, you might see some ads take up more space than others. This is due to AdWords Extensions that give your ads the ability to display more information, therefore “extending” the length of your ad. When I search for “pizza near me”, two ads come up for Pizza Hut & Domino’s that both include extensions. Here’s what these ads look like with and without extensions:

adextensions.jpgSee how the ads with extensions provide more information and take up more space?

Why Use AdWord Extensions

Whether your ads are dominating paid search or need a little boost, ad extensions help in a variety of ways:

1) Better Click-Through-Rates

AdWords Extensions provide additional ways for searchers to learn more about your business and to interact with your ad. Searchers can make a phone call or go directly to the service page that they’re looking for from your ad/

2) Increased Visibility

Using Ad Extensions lets your ad take up more PPC real estate, making your ads stand out from the others. Just compare the ads with and without extensions above and you’ll see that the ads with extensions look more robust and informative than those without extensions.

3) Give Relevant Information at the Right Time

If a searcher wants to see a more specific page or specific information (such as reviews), AdWords Extensions can provide just that!

4) Gives a Better User Experience

Because you are giving a searcher more information about your business and services, they’ll have a better idea of what to expect when clicking on your ads.

5) No Added Charge, But More Valuable Clicks

If a searcher calls your business from your ad or clicks to a service page, you’re charged the same amount as if they clicked on your headline. Because the searcher is getting to the page / contact method they want, these clicks are often more valuable.

Extensions You Should Be Using

Now that you know what AdWords Extensions are and why you should be using them, let’s review 7 essential extensions you should be using:

1) Sitelink Extensions

Sitelinks allow advertisers to include up to four site links with their ad. Not only does this take up more PPC real estate and stand out from the other ads, but it gives a searcher the opportunity to find the page that is most relevant for them.

Sometimes these sitelink extensions will give a quick summary of the subpage which is particularly valuable for adding more call-to-actions and descriptions of your products / services.


2) Call Extensions

When a searcher comes across your ad (especially on a mobile device), you want to give them the option to call you. Call extensions incorporate your phone number into your ads so searchers don’t have to go to your website to find your phone number. They just click “call” and you have a conversion!


3) Structured Snippets

If your business offers different types of products or services, structured snippets are a perfect way to lay these out. You can talk about different styles of products, neighborhoods you serve, types of services, etc. in structured snippets.


4) Callout Extensions

Can’t find everything you want to say into two lines of Ad Copy? Use callout extensions to incorporate up to four messages in your ads. Callout extensions are great to use campaign wide so the same information appears on each ad, regardless of what your ad copy says.

If you want to let everyone know that your plumbing business has 40 years of experience, use a callout! If you want to announce your 24/7/365 customer service, use a callout! If you want a searcher to know about your speedy delivery, use a callout:


5) Location Extensions

If you own a business with multiple locations, you want to be able to show the right location to the right searcher. Location extensions add your address, phone number and business hours to your ad.

With 50% of mobile users visiting stores on the same day they do a Google search (Google), having your location in your ad is critical to showing searchers how close your business is to them!


6) Review Extensions

By using a third party to review your website, you can get feedback on your products & customer service to show up directly in your ad. Because reviews and testimonials are a large part of the decision process, having them on your ad can help a searcher make their decision much more easily.


7) Offer Extensions

One of Google’s newer extensions lets you add offers onto your ad. Not only can you offer more information about your business, but you’re incentivizing a searcher to do business with you. Instead of searching for offers in addition to searching for the right business, they can find everything in one ad!


Next Steps

Whether you’re already running an AdWords campaign or looking to improve one, try adding these AdWords Extensions. Be sure to test different wording to see which phrasing gets the most clicks!

If you’re thinking about adopting Google AdWords or would like more information on how AdWords can add value to your overall inbound marketing strategy, download this free eBook “Why Google AdWords Should Be Part of Your Inbound Marketing Strategy” today!

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